How To: Do a long arm crunch ab exercise

Do a long arm crunch ab exercise

The long arm crunch is a modified version of the tradition abdominal crunch. When the arms are extended above the head, it increases the level of resistance placed on the abs. Thus, the traditional ab crunch becomes a bit harder to perform. The long arm crunch is slightly different from the traditional ab crunch. This exercise is more of a curl up with the arms extended. Instructions for the long arm crunch are as follows:

Lie supine (supine = on your back) on a workout mat. Extend your arms past the top of your head so that your arms are near your ears. With arms extended, curl your torso to crunch the abs. If done correctly, your shoulders should come a few inches off the mat as you crunch. Try to hold the crunch position for 2 to 3 seconds, and be sure to exhale as you crunch. Repeat as needed.

Step 1
Lie down on mat. Extend arms past top of head.

Step 2
With arms extended, perform a curl up to crunch abs.

Step 3
Return to start position. Repeat.

Do a long arm crunch ab exercise

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