How to Do a kneeling glute kickback

Here is an exercise that really works the gluteus muscles. It is relatively easy to perform. However, for this exercise to be effective, it does require a bit of skill and proper technique. A workout mat is recommended.

Get on your hands and knees. Ensure your back is flat. Secure the exercise band on the sole of one foot and hold the loose ends in each hand. Be sure to keep your hands on the floor and extended out in front of you. Next, kick the working leg straight back. You can make this exercise more effective by contracting the glute muscle when your leg is fully extended. Repeat the movement several times and repeat on the opposite leg.

Step 1
Get in kneeling position. Secure exercise bands around shoes.

Step 2
Slowly kick your leg straight back. Exhale.

Step 3
Return to the starting position.

Do a kneeling glute kickback

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