How To: Do a killer upper chest workout

Do a killer upper chest workout

First of all you have to understand that this exercise is very versatile and you can actually target different areas of your chest just by twisting your wrists. First of all lie down on the bench and hold the dumbbells in your hands. You can do this upper chest exercise to build your upper chest muscles using dumbbells. Now bring your dumbbells down and then again take them up. While bringing your dumbbells you have to twist your wrists towards inside such that your palms are facing away from you. By this exercise you shall feel a very strong contraction at the top. Now repeat this exercise. In the second version of the exercise you have to bring the dumbbells up so that your palms face away from you on the sides. At the top you can easily contract the inner part of the chest muscle. Repeat this exercise and pause at the top. The tutor advises that your chest workout training must hit upper chest to build muscle on your upper outer portion of your chest. This dumbbell exercise helps target this trouble area of your chest.

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