How to Do a bilateral superman back exercise

The superman exercise can be used to work the lower back (erector spinae muscle). This exercise also works the hamstrings, butt, and shoulders. Some experts maintain that the superman exercise overloads the spine in a potentially unsafe manner. Thus, contralateral supermans are usually preferred. The contralateral superman exercise involves raising only one arm and the opposing leg (e.g. left arm, right leg). With this technique, there is a reduced load on the lumbar spine. The following are instructions for the bilateral superman exercise:

Lie face down on an exercise mat with your arms fully extended. Slowly raise both arms and both legs off the ground simultaneously. Be sure to keep your head in line with your spine or facing down at all times.

Step 1
Lie in the prone position (face down) on a workout mat. Extend arms.

Step 2
Lift arms and legs simultaneously. Go slow! Keep head down.

Step 3
Return to starting position. Repeat as needed.

Do a bilateral superman back exercise

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