How To: Do a 45 degree calf press

Do a 45 degree calf press

If you are looking for an easy way to work the calf muscles, consider this exercise. The calf is scientifically known as the gastrocnemius (upper portion). The soleus or bottom half of the calf works as a synergist during this exercise.

First, sit in the leg press seat and position your feet close together on the platform. Place the ball of your feet on the platform's edge. Disengage the weight platform from the safety rack. Your knees should be slightly bent at all times. Lower the weight platform to stretch the calves, then extend your ankles as far as you can to flex the calves. Repeat the exercise as needed. Perform in a slow and controlled manner.

Step 1
Sit in leg press machine. Place heels of feet on edge of platform.

Step 2
Lower platform to stretch the calves.

Step 3
Extend ankle to flex the calves. Repeat the movement several times.

Do a 45 degree calf press

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