How To: Develop torso strength with a homemade tornado ball

Develop torso strength with a homemade tornado ball

The strength of your torso is helpful in many exercises. If you plan on body sculpting or weight lifting, you will need to have a stong enough upper body to support it. In this tutorial, learn how to use a tornado ball to increase your strength.
When developing rotational torso strength, coaches sometimes ask you to use a tool called the "tornado ball".
This video will show you a quick way to make your own tornado ball that is durable, adjustable, inexpensive and utilizes tools that you already have around the house.

All you have to do is:
Take a med ball and put it into an army style duffle bag. You can adjust the size and weight with different size med balls.

This setup can also be used for throwing (rotational, backward, transverse movement patterns) and is safe for indoor gymnasium use. So, follow along and get tips and tricks from professional trainers in this video.

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