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News : Watch My Stuggles in Fitness

If your struggling to get fit your not alone. Following my struggles and victories as a become a fitter me. if you enjoy my videos please, like and subscribe! Video: .

News : Get the sledgehammer workout

Sometimes I just get hypnotized when I am watching a good instructional. In this particular case, it is the iconoclastic work out, the Ford F-150 in the background, the relentless techno music, and the very muscular Jeff...who is no spring chicken. Do the sledgehammer strengt ...more

News : Get beach buff six pack abs

Scooby is endearing, albeit frighteningly toned. He's who we look for on the weekends at Muscle Beach. The crunch is where it's at if you're looking to go from hmm... how do I put this like Ugly Betty...'flab to fab'! His message is clean. You don't need all the artifice... ...more

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