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How To : Burn More Fat with Stair Climbing

Let me share some great information on stair climbing and how it can provide many health benefits. Burn more calories stair climbing that jogging or running. See how in the video. If you enjoy the video and would like to see more, please hit the subscribe button. I hope this h ...more

How To : Fully Utilize Your Pull-Up Bar.

This is for people who are already proficient at doing basic pull-ups and chin-ups and want to take their training to the next level. It's also pretty funny for anyone who enjoys a bit of gym humor. All the pull-ups in the video are named, be warned that these are not your av ...more

How To : Tone Your Waistline

In this how to video, I discuss three different exercises that have really helped me to tone my waistline. Although you cannot specifically target different fat deposits while dieting, it is still important to perform these exercises to give your core and waist that aesthetic ...more

How To : Tone Your Body

Forget small weights and many repetitions. To tone your body you need to make your muscles bigger and reduce the fat layer covering them. Video: .

How To : Eat Before a Workout

Don't make pre-workout nutrition overly complicated! You don't need protein before you start, but should get some carbs instead. Video: .

How To : Do Push-Ups and Crunches to Get Ripped at Home

This how-to video is for anybody looking to gain lean muscle right in the convenience of your own home with little to no equipment. The intensity and variety of these exercises makes for an effective muscle-building workout. Standard Pushup With hands extended slightly outsid ...more

How To : Get Six Pack Abs

The abdominals can be considered one of the best signals of fitness and strength and is one of the most sought-after muscle groups to develop by both men and women. While the abdominals are very desirable, it can be one of the most difficult areas to distinguish and maintain. ...more

How To : Increase the Number of Push Ups You Can Do

Consistently used in many forms of physical training, the push up has been considered one of the best physical tests of muscular fitness and endurance. Namely known for its use in the military as well as other physically demanding activities such as boxing and the martial arts ...more

How To : Improve your planking with the plank exercise

If you want to plank, you need core strength. Take your planking to the next level by practicing the exercise shown in this video. How do you know this exercise will help your planking? Well, it's called the plank so that's a good start.

How To : Build up the strength of of Navy SEAL

Want to know what lifts the Navy SEALs do? Check out this video to learn how to build real strength, with just three simple exercises. Good form is important in powerlifting, so make sure you know what you are doing before you start an exercise.

How To : Get in shape by climbing a rope like a Navy SEAL

If you've ever tried to climb a rope before, you know it's not easy. Learn how the Navy SEALs do it. This video shows you how to climb a rope for fitness and strength, along with a couple other exercises that develop extreme stamina and power.

How To : Develop a strong core with the Navy SEALs workout

A strong core is the key to a healthy, strong body. And who knows more about core strength than the elite Navy SEALs? Check out this workout video to learn three simple exercises that will get your abs, lower back, glutes, and more in top shape.

How To : Tone your body and have glowing skin for a wedding

Whether it's your friend's wedding or your own, it's so important to look drop dead gorgeous on the wedding day. If you're a bride or bridesmaid who's looking to firm up and look like a ravishing, glowing princess, then check out this video for great tips on how to work out wi ...more

How To : Complete a "300" advanced Spartan workout routine

Want to look like a Spartan - or, at least the "300" version of a Spartan? Then look no further than this fun and intense video. Using a few pieces of gym equipment and your own body weight, you'll pull, jump, and push your way to a lean, mean body.

How To : Do a MMA fighter body sculpting exercise routine

Even the worst, most crappy MMA fighters have a body so lean and muscular you could probably bounce quarters off of it. So whether you're gearing up to be an MMA fighter - or simple want the body of one - this video will teach you all you need to shape up.

How To : Complete a push through upper ab exercise

Push throughs are essentially modified crunches. Rather than crunching upwards with your hands at your sides, you pull your hands together and through your two legs for extra upper abdominal work. You can buy many Ab benches, you can buy products to burn fat, you can do the d ...more

How To : Tone your entire core with an exercise ball move

No pain, no gain. Well, at least when it comes to toning your flab and revealing those hard six-pack abs that have been hiding under all that stuffing you got from last winter's holiday revelry. If you're really committed to losing that extra amount of chub on your belly, tak ...more

How To : Work out your lower abs and eliminate that FUPA

Eliminate the FUPA from your body! This fitness video will show you the cure to that nasty "Fat Upper Pubic Area" that most woman have trouble with. That belly flab is a no-go, so start using this abs workout to begin exercising your abdominal area and feeling great again. You ...more

How To : Do an intermediate chest sculpting workout

Getting pectorals that ripple and bulge beneath shirts and arms that broadcast from sleeves requires a bit of work on your part (duh). That's where this video comes in. If you're serious about toning your upper body - especially your chest, shoulders, and arms - then check ou ...more

How To : Do the ab twist to tone the obliques

The truth is, it's not about how many repititions of an exercise you do; it's about how well you hold the form and what kind of exercise you do. Heck, you could probably do 1,000 sit ups a day and still have some extra flab on your belly. That's because sit ups only tone the u ...more

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